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Drawbar to Artic Conversion

If you passed your Category C+E (Class 1) using a Wagon & Drag or have been driving a Wagon & Drag for many years, you may find it a bit daunting to work for an Employer using only Artic vehicles.

Just think how many artics you see on the roads against how many Wagon & Drags you see – there is high probability that you will drive an artic sooner rather than later!

Imagine starting your new job after passing your test in a Wagon & Drag and your first task being to uncouple the tractor unit from one trailer and couple to another – do you know how to operate the coupling system on an artic? Or how about arriving at your drop and then discovering how different the reversing is due to the vastly different pivot point – do you really want to have to teach yourself on the job?

We have the solution:

•4 Hour Conversion / Refresher Course – £225 + VAT

The Conversion Course is ideal for people who are still relatively new to LGV/HGV driving, or may not have driven for some time, or you have many years of LGV/HGV driving experience and would feel happier about having someone go over everything with you.

The course will give you more time to practice the artic specific procedures, which includes reversing, un-coupling/recoupling and general road driving. Your tuition will be provided by one of our qualified NRI LGV/HGV instructors who have many years’ experience.

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